Monday, January 29, 2007

I can't believe Barbaro is gone

I was just talking to my bf last night about Barbaro's condition. And as soon as I wake up, I found out he's been put to rest. What made me even more mad was ESPN. They didn't even have him on the front page of their website for the whole weekend, probably knowing his dire condition. Thank goodness for SI, right?! Anyways, I'm totally sad. It's true the huge amount of public interest surrounding him pushed everyone in his camp to try and fix him instead of euthanizing Barbaro way back when. He didn't even live lone enough to hit the anniversary of his Kentucky Derby win. And Barbaro will never have little Barbies and Baros running all over the place. He should have really been reproducing before this all happened. I'm still in shock. (Pic courtesy of

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Knowles "Dereon" to Outfit Nets Dancers

The New Jersey Nets dancers are going to be the best dressed in the NBA very soon. Thanks to their new designer, Tina Knowles. It was reported on Page Six of the New York Post that Jay-Z and Beyonce's mother have agreed Dereon will be the offical sponser for the 16 ladies. Thank God for this much needed wardrobe change. Hopefully this will pave the way to better looking outfits on NBA dancers. The current look of leather, torn-up shirts, shimmery sports bras and butt-hugging spandex shorts are just horrible. After the new outfits are debuted, people wont be waiting until halftime to hit the snack bar. And women (who care about fashion, sports or just Beyonce) are going to breakout their Thomas guides and head to Continental Airlines Arena. (pic courtesy of the

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Best story of 2007: Boise State & Johnson

After Boise State defeated Oklahoma in a dramatic comeback in overtime, BSU running back Ian Johnson proposed to his girlfriend, Chrissy. Now thats what I call an eventful season and a great way to "ring" in the New Year. I bet every girl who saw Johnson propose on TV ate it up and secretly wish to be proposed to in similar fashion one day. Sigh.

New Year of ME

I haven't written in a LONG TIME. I knew I hadn't, but after talking to my Edwin about blogging, I knew I had to get back on the ball. Whats happened since I've been gone? My Cal Bears and my twin's USC Trojans won their respective bowls: The Holiday and Rosebowl. The A's Barry Zito signed a fatty contract with who else to my surprise, but those GIANTS! God! I couldn't believe it. Zito looked so good in gold and green and now I have to watch him in halloween colors. How weird. There are only two good things that come out of this: he doesn't have to move since he'll be just 30-40 minutes away from his old stadium and I can still watch him across the bay. I can't believe "My Boys" is a hit with the mass audiences of America. I guess the whole friendship between P.J. and her guy friends got to them or her ongoing "thing" with her fellow sportswriter. Girls can be stuck on the relationships and drama between people. Which is fine, since they don't care about her career as a female sportswriter, which is the reason I tuned in and out after one episode. Alright, enough for now. Oh! one last thing, Tiger Woods is gonna be a daddy?! Wow. The best entertainment stories on athletes can't be found on ... but Who knew? Only a tabloid fen like me would. hehehe. I'm back!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"My Boys" Sucked

So I watched the highly anticipated sitcom about a female sports reporter called, "My Boys." And boy did it suck. It was hard for me to even watch a full episode. P.J. is the main character and writer who takes us into her world of buddies and poker. Really, half the show takes place in her small apartment. There are barely any scenes with her at Wrigley Field in the press box. And to top it all off, I just despise how the entire show is compared to baseball. "Baseball is comprised of teams, and my team is made up of Bill, Bob, Andrew and Joseph ... Bill and Bob are like the infielders on the team." I mean, seriously, are you kidding me? The writing is just off and I don't feel like the creators had any idea what baseball is about. Very below expecations. I just, well, wanted more.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Celebs are back on the hardwood

Celebs <3 the NBA. I swear its their favorite sport to support, just ask Jack, Leo or Tobey (pictured here watching the Lakers with his pregnant fiance, Jenn). And guess what, sometimes its more exciting to watch the jumbo screen for celeb sighings then to see Kobe Bryant hit a jumper. I'm just sayin'.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloweeen in the Castro & Costume Talk

I'm in a bashing-sort-of-mood because on SI's section, SI On, they have a quick write up about how Ohio University "is the place to be" on Halloween. Are you kidding me? Please. The place to be is The Castro in S.F. And all of UC Berkeley's students thats where they must flee when the sun goes down. They dress up, the girls slutty strawberry shortcakes and the guys as Zorro, a golfer or even a homemade cloud (he stuck dozens of cotton balls all over him and had a sign on him reading (I'm a fu**king cloud, so don't ask).

Either way, the Downtown Bart Station wauts PACKED. And undergrads are sometimes too much to handle when they are in high concentrations. Either way we all got off, well pushed ourselves out on 16th and Mission and headed to the Castro. Oh my gosh, talk about crazy, weird and wild things people do in diguise. It was hard to move anywhre. I lost half my group and then there was barely any room to dance. Security was extra tight, but I managed to jump over the steel barracks (thanks to Luckie lifting me over).

Most memorable costumes: A guy dressed as Becker (from the Muppet Babies), a talking Fandango bag, a red ipod, eyeballs, bears, dozens of sheriffs (real and fake) OH and a person peeking out of a carboard myspace profile page. Hilarious.

But what wasn't original were the meant-to-be-cute outfits which really turn into slutty onesies. Boobs popping out, butts hanging out. Little red riding hood suddnely became a vixen, teenagers find inventive ways to wear lacy numbers and women take sports costumes to the sluttiest of extremes.

I'm sorry, but halloween is not a day to excuse yourself from looking skanky. Look at SI's Jenn Sterger. She's in a photo wearing some referee halter dress. Her boobs are totally exposed (I'm sure the sports men will like that right, I mean pretty girl in revealing wear).

Cheerleaders with the shortest of skirts.

Do guys think girls wearing sports attire with a new twist - literally creating dresses from referee, football and baseball uniforms - is a plus?

It just adds to the number one reason why they dress the way they do: because they want male attention. Obviously Jenn Sterger is doing it for her readers. But gees, what happened to looking good while still hiding your best assets?

Your suppose to wear a costume b/c it does something for you. Not because it DOES something for the beholder.

(FYI, leave the sexy attire in your lingerie drawer or when you want to act up some kinky fantasty for your significant other IN the bedroom).

Whatever, The Castros was awesome - Ohio University people don't know what they're missing - and I'm glad I left before the shootings took place. Sigh.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cameron & Leinart Have a Boy

Brynn Cameron gave birth to a baby boy, Cole, Tuesday night. The baby's father, Matt Leinart, was excused from practice today to be with them, says Fox Sports. You can read the latest news about the newest "sportscelebrity" baby at