Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Matt Leinart is Going to be a Daddy?!

I just went to one of my favorite websites, www.people.com, and what did I learn but that Matt Leinart is going to be a daddy. What in the world! Oh Matt, why oh why. But, you know what, babies are always blessings. The article says they are happy but come on. The mother-to-be, USC basketball player Brynn Cameron is sidelined for this coming season and is supposedly due in November, as said by several news outlets. That means both knew of the pregnancy for a while and were able to keep it out of the media for some time. I bet she wasn't planning on this happening but stuff happens. I mean, are they even a couple? I was shocked to say the least since Leinart acted like the, "All-American Guy" on teleivision and print. Even tough I love him, people tell me he's a ladys man. He has been linked to a couple celebrities already. The drama of it all.


Anonymous JW said...

paris hilton anyone?

good thing he held out all summer for the big bucks with arizona. wait, maybe thats! why he held out so fervently. he knew he was gonna be a babys daddy.

poor guy.

9:07 AM  

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