Saturday, September 30, 2006

"Think Blue" all the way to the Playoffs!

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Dodgers for clinching a playoff berth in a game against their non-other rival "Northern" rival, the San Francisco Giants. I'm down south for the weekend, while they went up North. But who cares? I saw it all on TV :0) Now thats sweet.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Terrell Owens: Attempted Suicide or Not?

Mr. T.O, I don't get you. You answered "yes" when firefighters asked if you wanted to harm yourself. And now you said you didn't try to commit suicide? Owens claims "grogginess" as his excuse to saying "yes"? Give me a break.

Owens can try and change the ending to the last 24-hours of his life, but he can't. No, no, no. There's evidence (police report) he tried to commit suicide or at least harm himself.

The hospital pumped his stomach, and now he denies it. The whole point of pumping one's stomach is to rid itsef of dangerous substances. Too much alcohol, too many drugs, too many swallowed perscription pills perhaps?

Whatever the case may be, Owens does not admit to attempted suicide. Owens tries to make us believe by showing off in practice by making passes and being ready to play this weekend, but it's all a fabulous sideshow to his ostentasious life.

Plus, as my sister (the budding social worker) told me, he's probably denying it because of the potential repurcussions he'll face.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Oakland A's are Too Good not to Love

I watched the A's vs. Angels game last Friday night. Even though I was getting ready to go bowling with friends, I continually sat down in front of my tiny TV. First the A's were up, then the Angels came back to tie it. Wo, Barry Zito got a haircut? Anyways, the point of the story is, I was pressed to root for one team and the Angels won, but just by a bit.

Yes, I like the Angels and I want them to pick up a few more wins so they can make it to the playoffs, but there's just something about those A's. The A's, who sport an elephant as its mascot, are the feel good team of California. I secretly hope they go deep into the playoff race in October. Besides the added bonus of potentially watching a home game at McAfee Coliseum (an advantage to living in the East Bay)if they make it far into the Halloween season, I just can't help but dream of a championship for the Oakland A's.

Sure they're stuck playing in a dreary coliseum in Oakland (has a bad meaning to people, but common, parts of Oakland are just not that bad). Even so, the A's have a huge following these days. As evidenced when I was on the Bart yesterday. I saw dozens of them dressed in yellow and dark green. Their destination: the Coliseum bart stop, conveniently located next to McAfee.

I don't know what it is about those A's, but I adore them. Their the little team that could.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Watch High School Football Games on YouTube

I haven't written a blog entry about high school sports yet. So here goes. I was on YouTube the other day and I wondered, "Are there any high school football games on this thing?"

I looked up a couple from the SGV and what do I find but the Los Altos vs. South Hills game from earlier this season! Yes, can you believe it. The camera guy did a good job, I must say.

This is only one school who has footage of a friday night game, but what does this mean to newspapers prep sports sections and webpage?

If people continually tape football games and boot them into their computers, this can deteroritate any advances newspapers or television companies wish to do with prep sports. The bottom line is, "whats the point of showing the whole game though our website or show if people can watch it at home or at the office at whatever time they want?"

I doubt this will put a negative spin to prep sports in the media because I don't think it will take away any of its glamor. But its scary how YouTube can influence the outcome of media outlets. And not only that, savvy computer people who know how to tape, download the material on a computer and publish it on a website. Creepy and fascinating at the same time.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Two Journalists may be Denied Their First Amendment Rights

Lance Williams was one of my journalism professor's at UC Berkeley. He always greeted us with a "Hey now." Now he might be saying it from a jail cell?! :/

Williams and Mark Fainaru-Wada are the writers of the well-known "Game of Shadows." (It should be well known to anyone into sports). The book discusses Barry Bonds, steroids, the grand jury testimonies and much more.

But may I remind people the book wasn't solely made to bash Bonds. Please people! The writers mentioned other athletes as well. Don’t be so judgmental!

Because Williams and Fainaru-Wada, one an investigative reporter and the other a sports writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, had sources give them confidential information from the BALCO trials, the federal court asked them to disclose who these sources. The two will not. Of course they won’t! What kind of reporters would they be if they broke a promise to a confidential source?! Not like it’s our first amendment rights. Does anyone remember the part which reads, freedom of the press? Duh people.

Now the two authors are facing time in jail for not producing their sources. I can't even begin to tell you how wrong this whole fiasco is. Williams and Fainaru-Wada did nothing illegal to obtain the information gathered for “Game of Shadows.” The public wants them to be punished for getting information they really, didn't want to hear or read. They were truthful in every account and people just can’t handle the truth.

Even though they can exercise their first amendment right, the court is denying them this natural right. How absurd is that?

There will be at a court hearing in San Francisco this Thursday to see whether the two will be sent to jail. This is a monumental case to reporters and the media. Not including the ripple effect it may have on the public’s view on the media. A sad day it will be indeed, if two innocent reporters must go to jail, and an even sadder day for U.S. reporters.

Fainaru-Wada and Williams spoke briefly about the book in my class last year. It will be a shame to see these two behind bars. But at least I know they stood up for what they believe. That says something.

Friday, September 15, 2006

A State of Longing from a SoCal Sports fan

My thoughts and experiences from down South:

-Sitting in traffic on the 101 to reach the Dodgers.
As we get off our exit, the car must curl around to the top of the hill, where the stadium is. The view from the fence of Downtown LA is exactly how LA is imagined. Then my friends and I must get in, get free t-shirts and find our shady seats behind home plate. The constant sun’s rays turn my skin pink, but I got to see Nomar hit. Then, when the game ends, we must curl back down and sit in traffic, yet again.

- Angels Stadium: “Totally Awesome Dude.”
You can see it off the 57 and it’s a bright red utopia for Angel fans. Don't park inside, because you can steadily find parking on side streets. Any seat in the stadium is magnificent. No joke. As I sit back and watch the game, cars stream up and down the freeway off in the distance. You can't hear them, though, because "Its Rally Time" fills the "disneylandish" air. And no matter what, the game always looks better at night.

- Summerland Ave.
On the top of Summerland Ave is a house, built decades ago. The eating table can't be used as clutter fills it. The house shrinks in size a little; because every room has miscellaneous objects piled everywhere. But one room is free of all this-the family. And here is where my most-favorite-person-to-watch-anything-sports-related sits. He is my grandpa: my sports dictionary, my reference guide and the best person to watch endless hours of afternoon baseball alongside. Wherever we are, either in my house in the SGV valley, his, or at a game, I love to just watch one game after another with him. The Dodgers, Angels, PGA or NBA are not enjoyed enough, as they are when I'm on the couch, leaning on him, in front of the tube.

- The merchandise!
I can't tell you how many SF hats and sweatshirts I see every day, especially when I go into "The City" a.k.a San Francisco. I dream of the reds, blues, whites and yellows from down south.

- Local SoCal Networks.
Do you know, that if I want to watch a local sports channel, I won’t be watching the Dodgers or Angels this time of year, but the Giants? I don't mind the As, their cool cats. And it’s not so much watching the Giants as just wishing I could watch the FSN for Southern California instead of "Bay Area." Five hundred miles is too far to physically go to the games, but now I can't watch them on TV. Kind of sucks sometimes.

I be surrounded by Bay Area sports teams is just dandy, because I really don't mind them. I rather have something, then nothing. But they just aren't what I'm used to or what I grew up with. I suppose others who relocated express the same sentiments as I do. So as Winnie-the-Pooh would say, “Oh dear.”

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Now I'm a Happy Golden Bear

What a weekend. Today I read and tried to do school-related work, which means WRITE. So I guess you can say Sundays are my "get stuff done" days. But, yesterday was a LONG day with a very happy ending. My fellow j-schoolers and I had a tailgate in the courtyard before the Cal vs. Minnesota game. Of course, we got to the game a little late, sat way way up in the Blue Zone and froze our butts off for the next two quarters. But I had a blast. I was worried about my Golden Bears after there was an interception early on and then the Golden Gophers (I know, can you believe their golden too?) scored on the first down after starting on practically the opposite end zone.

Tara definitely won the "Loudest Fan" award out of my crowd. She knows a lot about football (to my surprise). Needless to say, we sat in front of a group of ancient golden bears. Four old-timers who sat with their headsets on! Can you believe that? Headsets on during the game? I guess it's cool to listen to the game as it takes place. Sometimes people are just too smart for Cal.

To my relief, we won, but I didn't stay until the end (I know, so bad, but I was turning into a Popsicle, my friend were getting a little restless and Toni already split for a cigarette). I love Memorial Stadium and watching the game, but I saw the fog rolling in from my seat. We left in the beginning of the fourth and headed to the La Vals on Euclid.

I had ravioli with my j-schoolers as the Texas vs. Ohio State game took place on the big screen. The night only got better as Texas lost to Ohio State :0). (I was at the Rose Bowl game cheering on USC when they lost to those burnt orange men, so of course I was happy UT lost badly).

So to refresh your memories this was a good weekend because 1. Cal won, 2. Ohio State won, 3. I spent tons of time with my friends, 4. I was productive in school work and 5. Everything else that happened, which I didn't mention.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

How old is too old to cut in line?

I went with two friends to Cal's ticket office this afternoon. As soon as we got there, the line was already winding around. It's not the number of people who wait in line that takes the longest, its how long people take at the ticket windows.

Anyways the man in front of me, obviously past his prime, was waiting patiently when two of his older male colleagues (I guess) came and talked to him. I said the line was behind me, but they remained stagnant. Were these older gentlemen about to cut? Anyways, they left, but I still wasn't sure if they would come back and cut in front of me.

Of course I was about to say something if they DID cut. Even my friend said, "They are too old to be cutting," which is totally true. We talked and decided people should stop cutting when they reach their 21st birthday, because obviously they know better then to. And secondly, if they look like your mom or dad, then they shouldn't even try. Gees, some people. In the end, I bought my 15 tickets for the Cal vs. Minnesota game. Mission accomplished.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Fantasty Baseball Team Made the Playoffs!

Yes! High-fives all around.

My first fantasy baseball team has made it to the playoffs! I'm the only female in my league and dang, I'm so proud of myself for making it this far. Of course I have to thank my close guy friends, because they were there to answer any questions I had. And just so you all know, I didn't do an automatic draft. I searched, picked and drafted my players.

So who am I playing? My professor of all people. How do you like them apples? But anyways, I'm totally excited. Now I just have to wait and see how far my guys will take me.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Sports Community Should Pay Tribute to "Crocodile Hunter"

Could it be true? Steve Irwin, the “Crocodile Hunter” is dead?

Out of all the mammals and reptiles in the animal kingdom, it came down to a stingray.

The famous 44 year-old "Crocodile Hunter" was fatally stung by a stingray’s barb off of Australia’s coast Monday morning.

The news was the front of all media websites like CNN and but not ESPN or


Irwin was a man who participated in the sport of game hunting. But in this sport, you’re supposed to kill what you hunt. He didn’t. So does that mean the sports community can’t pay tribute to Irwin because he set animals free, instead of killing them?

A hunter goes out in the pursuit of seeing and killing a beautiful animal, like a deer. The hunter finds the deer, shoots it, eats it and maybe mounts the animal’s head on a mantel.

It’s almost a double-standard. A game hunter is considered a sport but when a hunter pursues animals in order to preserve them, it’s shunned? Weird.

Irwin hunted exotic, wild animals because it was his passion. But while doing so, he let people across the globe witness the ugliest, deadliest and most fascinating creatures to be seen through his shows and programs. Irwin took the hunter out of “gaming” in order to afford everyone the ability to observe animals they wouldn’t have had the chance to see otherwise.

Crikey, there should have been something written on sports websites about Irwin.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Cal Humiliated and I Pray

I stayed in my apartment to watch the Cal vs. Tennessee game yesterday. I could have gone to watch a movie or actually been productive with school work but no, I put it all on hold for embarrassment. As I watched Tennessee make an interception on a Cal ball after already scoring, I turned the TV off. The sick feeling of "oh, my team's already in trouble and might not win" hit me. I continually checked the TV and internet for updates, but nothing was to the Golden Bears favor. The first game of the season and already a loss. When I root for some teams, I feel safe because I know they'll come out with the win (i.e. USC). But with Cal, I'm always a little weary. I worry more for my teddy bears. So, to say the least, my afternoon was ruined. I was mad.

Today I talked to my twin. She lifted my spirits by saying, "You know, Cal lost but I know they'll come back and win every game." That's what sisters are for: to give you words of encouragement when your running low on team spirit.
My mind hasn't been so much on sports this weekend. I'm praying for friends and loved ones. Life isn't just about sports. (A phrase many wives and girlfriends probably tell their significant others repeatedly). It's about friends and family. Right now, I wish I could be with them.

P.S. An entry about Agassi to come.

Friday, September 01, 2006

College Football Begins, Pac-10 Talk & the Golden Bears Season-Opener

Cal Head coach Jeff Tedford announced on Tuesday sophomore quarterback Nate Longshore will play the starting position this Saturday when the No. 9 Cal Bears travel to Knoxville to play No.23 Tennessee. Longshore had a very short-lived season last year (two quarters), after he broke his leg against Sacramento State. This probably changed the outcome of Cal’s season, although we did win a few before falling to UCLA, Oregon and USC to end our overall season with a 7-4 record.

Now the Pac-10 tabbed us to finish second in the conference, right behind my twin’s team, USC. It should be a busy season for the Pac-10 because the title is up in the air. My prediction is with my Golden Bears. Yes, I have some favoritism towards them (although I grew up in SoCal and hold some allegiance to USC), because they have a definite shot at beating the Trojans. Cal fans are riding high on the hopes of junior tailback Marshawn Lynch producing an even more successful season. And if Longshore can stay healthy and not break a bone, this can be our breakout year.

Since our first game is away at Tennessee, we are forced to watch it on TV. If you don’t already have cable, here are my top two places to watch the game at. My first is Cal’s campus pub, Bears Lair. It’s absolutely packed on game days with students sitting out on the patio or inside. My second best bet is Raleigh’s on Telegraph Ave. Raleigh’s has great food so you can watch the game while eating a late lunch with a dozen of your friends. Not to mention, both venues have drinks for those 21 and over.

So let the college football season begin. Tons of good luck goes out to all the Pac-10 teams. Extra luck up in Strawberry Canyon and a pinch of luck for the Trojans. As much as I want my team to beat them, I also don’t want the Trojans to fall on their faces against Arkansas or Notre Dame.

If you have a prediction on who will come out the big winner in this year’s Pac-10 conference let me know and also tell me which teams you think will defy the odds.
Oregon, UCLA, USC and Cal are my big Pac-10 teams to beat. Do you agree?