Sunday, September 03, 2006

Cal Humiliated and I Pray

I stayed in my apartment to watch the Cal vs. Tennessee game yesterday. I could have gone to watch a movie or actually been productive with school work but no, I put it all on hold for embarrassment. As I watched Tennessee make an interception on a Cal ball after already scoring, I turned the TV off. The sick feeling of "oh, my team's already in trouble and might not win" hit me. I continually checked the TV and internet for updates, but nothing was to the Golden Bears favor. The first game of the season and already a loss. When I root for some teams, I feel safe because I know they'll come out with the win (i.e. USC). But with Cal, I'm always a little weary. I worry more for my teddy bears. So, to say the least, my afternoon was ruined. I was mad.

Today I talked to my twin. She lifted my spirits by saying, "You know, Cal lost but I know they'll come back and win every game." That's what sisters are for: to give you words of encouragement when your running low on team spirit.
My mind hasn't been so much on sports this weekend. I'm praying for friends and loved ones. Life isn't just about sports. (A phrase many wives and girlfriends probably tell their significant others repeatedly). It's about friends and family. Right now, I wish I could be with them.

P.S. An entry about Agassi to come.


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