Thursday, September 07, 2006

How old is too old to cut in line?

I went with two friends to Cal's ticket office this afternoon. As soon as we got there, the line was already winding around. It's not the number of people who wait in line that takes the longest, its how long people take at the ticket windows.

Anyways the man in front of me, obviously past his prime, was waiting patiently when two of his older male colleagues (I guess) came and talked to him. I said the line was behind me, but they remained stagnant. Were these older gentlemen about to cut? Anyways, they left, but I still wasn't sure if they would come back and cut in front of me.

Of course I was about to say something if they DID cut. Even my friend said, "They are too old to be cutting," which is totally true. We talked and decided people should stop cutting when they reach their 21st birthday, because obviously they know better then to. And secondly, if they look like your mom or dad, then they shouldn't even try. Gees, some people. In the end, I bought my 15 tickets for the Cal vs. Minnesota game. Mission accomplished.


Blogger Tara Cuslidge said...

Actually, I would say 13 is the age to stop cutting. I mean, come on, Thomas and I were cut in front of by a group of teenagers at Six Flags last year. I made a stink and all 20 got kicked off the ride. Yay for me! I'm the mean old lady.

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