Sunday, September 10, 2006

Now I'm a Happy Golden Bear

What a weekend. Today I read and tried to do school-related work, which means WRITE. So I guess you can say Sundays are my "get stuff done" days. But, yesterday was a LONG day with a very happy ending. My fellow j-schoolers and I had a tailgate in the courtyard before the Cal vs. Minnesota game. Of course, we got to the game a little late, sat way way up in the Blue Zone and froze our butts off for the next two quarters. But I had a blast. I was worried about my Golden Bears after there was an interception early on and then the Golden Gophers (I know, can you believe their golden too?) scored on the first down after starting on practically the opposite end zone.

Tara definitely won the "Loudest Fan" award out of my crowd. She knows a lot about football (to my surprise). Needless to say, we sat in front of a group of ancient golden bears. Four old-timers who sat with their headsets on! Can you believe that? Headsets on during the game? I guess it's cool to listen to the game as it takes place. Sometimes people are just too smart for Cal.

To my relief, we won, but I didn't stay until the end (I know, so bad, but I was turning into a Popsicle, my friend were getting a little restless and Toni already split for a cigarette). I love Memorial Stadium and watching the game, but I saw the fog rolling in from my seat. We left in the beginning of the fourth and headed to the La Vals on Euclid.

I had ravioli with my j-schoolers as the Texas vs. Ohio State game took place on the big screen. The night only got better as Texas lost to Ohio State :0). (I was at the Rose Bowl game cheering on USC when they lost to those burnt orange men, so of course I was happy UT lost badly).

So to refresh your memories this was a good weekend because 1. Cal won, 2. Ohio State won, 3. I spent tons of time with my friends, 4. I was productive in school work and 5. Everything else that happened, which I didn't mention.


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You're just jealous your lungs aren't as good as mine.

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