Monday, September 25, 2006

Oakland A's are Too Good not to Love

I watched the A's vs. Angels game last Friday night. Even though I was getting ready to go bowling with friends, I continually sat down in front of my tiny TV. First the A's were up, then the Angels came back to tie it. Wo, Barry Zito got a haircut? Anyways, the point of the story is, I was pressed to root for one team and the Angels won, but just by a bit.

Yes, I like the Angels and I want them to pick up a few more wins so they can make it to the playoffs, but there's just something about those A's. The A's, who sport an elephant as its mascot, are the feel good team of California. I secretly hope they go deep into the playoff race in October. Besides the added bonus of potentially watching a home game at McAfee Coliseum (an advantage to living in the East Bay)if they make it far into the Halloween season, I just can't help but dream of a championship for the Oakland A's.

Sure they're stuck playing in a dreary coliseum in Oakland (has a bad meaning to people, but common, parts of Oakland are just not that bad). Even so, the A's have a huge following these days. As evidenced when I was on the Bart yesterday. I saw dozens of them dressed in yellow and dark green. Their destination: the Coliseum bart stop, conveniently located next to McAfee.

I don't know what it is about those A's, but I adore them. Their the little team that could.


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