Friday, September 15, 2006

A State of Longing from a SoCal Sports fan

My thoughts and experiences from down South:

-Sitting in traffic on the 101 to reach the Dodgers.
As we get off our exit, the car must curl around to the top of the hill, where the stadium is. The view from the fence of Downtown LA is exactly how LA is imagined. Then my friends and I must get in, get free t-shirts and find our shady seats behind home plate. The constant sun’s rays turn my skin pink, but I got to see Nomar hit. Then, when the game ends, we must curl back down and sit in traffic, yet again.

- Angels Stadium: “Totally Awesome Dude.”
You can see it off the 57 and it’s a bright red utopia for Angel fans. Don't park inside, because you can steadily find parking on side streets. Any seat in the stadium is magnificent. No joke. As I sit back and watch the game, cars stream up and down the freeway off in the distance. You can't hear them, though, because "Its Rally Time" fills the "disneylandish" air. And no matter what, the game always looks better at night.

- Summerland Ave.
On the top of Summerland Ave is a house, built decades ago. The eating table can't be used as clutter fills it. The house shrinks in size a little; because every room has miscellaneous objects piled everywhere. But one room is free of all this-the family. And here is where my most-favorite-person-to-watch-anything-sports-related sits. He is my grandpa: my sports dictionary, my reference guide and the best person to watch endless hours of afternoon baseball alongside. Wherever we are, either in my house in the SGV valley, his, or at a game, I love to just watch one game after another with him. The Dodgers, Angels, PGA or NBA are not enjoyed enough, as they are when I'm on the couch, leaning on him, in front of the tube.

- The merchandise!
I can't tell you how many SF hats and sweatshirts I see every day, especially when I go into "The City" a.k.a San Francisco. I dream of the reds, blues, whites and yellows from down south.

- Local SoCal Networks.
Do you know, that if I want to watch a local sports channel, I won’t be watching the Dodgers or Angels this time of year, but the Giants? I don't mind the As, their cool cats. And it’s not so much watching the Giants as just wishing I could watch the FSN for Southern California instead of "Bay Area." Five hundred miles is too far to physically go to the games, but now I can't watch them on TV. Kind of sucks sometimes.

I be surrounded by Bay Area sports teams is just dandy, because I really don't mind them. I rather have something, then nothing. But they just aren't what I'm used to or what I grew up with. I suppose others who relocated express the same sentiments as I do. So as Winnie-the-Pooh would say, “Oh dear.”


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