Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Terrell Owens: Attempted Suicide or Not?

Mr. T.O, I don't get you. You answered "yes" when firefighters asked if you wanted to harm yourself. And now you said you didn't try to commit suicide? Owens claims "grogginess" as his excuse to saying "yes"? Give me a break.

Owens can try and change the ending to the last 24-hours of his life, but he can't. No, no, no. There's evidence (police report) he tried to commit suicide or at least harm himself.

The hospital pumped his stomach, and now he denies it. The whole point of pumping one's stomach is to rid itsef of dangerous substances. Too much alcohol, too many drugs, too many swallowed perscription pills perhaps?

Whatever the case may be, Owens does not admit to attempted suicide. Owens tries to make us believe by showing off in practice by making passes and being ready to play this weekend, but it's all a fabulous sideshow to his ostentasious life.

Plus, as my sister (the budding social worker) told me, he's probably denying it because of the potential repurcussions he'll face.


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