Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cameron & Leinart Have a Boy

Brynn Cameron gave birth to a baby boy, Cole, Tuesday night. The baby's father, Matt Leinart, was excused from practice today to be with them, says Fox Sports. You can read the latest news about the newest "sportscelebrity" baby at

Monday, October 23, 2006

"This is Bear Territory" on YouTube

Just two days after Cal's Marshawn Lynch went wild on a go-cart - after Cal upset Washington in overtime - did golden bear fans put up YouTube clips of Lynch driving all over the field and Oski crowd surfing in the student section. What a golden opportunity to showcase a great finish. Watch these two videos!

Monday, October 16, 2006

What's in a name?

A LOT! Ex. It's not UC Berkeley, or the University of California at Berkeley during football season. Its simply California, or better yet, Cal. How sly is that.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

SGV Locals Die: Yankees Cory Lidle and Tyler Stanger

New York Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle and his flight instructor, Tyler Stanger died yesterday after Lidle crashed his small plane into a Manhattan apartment building.

The story is tragic and continues to be. Especially for their families and friends. Lidle, 34, was a star athlete at South Hills High School in West Covina, the town over from Walnut. His wife and son live in Glendora. Both lived in the San Gabriel Valley or really, my backyard.

I'm especially sad because Stanger's younger brother went to school with me. My heart goes out to their families.

I did not know these men. But I can't help but feel more connected to them because of these circumstances and because friends of mine knew Stanger. Lidle has a twin brother. I have a twin sister. I read the transcript of his interview with Larry King on CNN and I just can't imagine if I were in the same situation. When he talked about feeling shocked. I just ... I don't know. They say the twin bond is different and they talked often so I just can't imagine how morose he may feel.

These are just my thoughts to the developing story.

In so many news stories you hear about someone dying. At a certain point, you grow numb to it b/c, well, we hear about it so much. But with these two, its not so. They are not just two men you read about or see a photo of on a website. At least for me and I know several others from the SGV.


Monday, October 09, 2006

Back in Top 10

After the Golden Bears went "duck hunting" Saturday night, they are a legitimate Pac-10 rival. We sent those fans, dressed in green and yellow back down to the bart station or wherever they needed to hide out at after Cal handed them a 45-24 loss. Now the AP Top 25 ranked us 10, which is very nice. Now I'm waiting for the game I've been waiting for all summer, CAL vs. USC. I'm excited. But wait, I should keep a close eye out for Washington in the meantime.

P.S. SI put Cal on the cover of their "college football" homepage. Finally, we're back.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

No. 16 California vs. No. 11 Oregon

Homecoming game 2006

The muggy weather has left just in time for the game. And soon the trollies from the city will crawl through the perimeter of UC Berkeley. My campus has been invaded by alumni! to say the least. I guess they take homecoming seriously but I'm taking it in strides. Why? because this is the biggest game of the year. Well, at the moment. I'm definitely looking forward to the game but I'm nervous. With the Golden Bears, its always a mental thing. Athletically they have it, and everyone knows it, but they just psych themselves out sometimes and this costs them the game. Ex. Tenn. We should have won, but we didn't. I think my bears had the jitters because of the preseason hype. Either way, we are currently on a good run, winning four in a row and hopefully will win this one too. I know they can do it, I don't doubt it for a second. But I want to see my bears win before my eyes. I don't want to believe it. I want to see an excellent game from up on the hill (I'll be watching the game from uptop. I'll be layered in blankets by halftime but I'll scream my guts out for my bears (promise Tara), especially when they come out with the victory! GO BEARS!