Saturday, January 13, 2007

Knowles "Dereon" to Outfit Nets Dancers

The New Jersey Nets dancers are going to be the best dressed in the NBA very soon. Thanks to their new designer, Tina Knowles. It was reported on Page Six of the New York Post that Jay-Z and Beyonce's mother have agreed Dereon will be the offical sponser for the 16 ladies. Thank God for this much needed wardrobe change. Hopefully this will pave the way to better looking outfits on NBA dancers. The current look of leather, torn-up shirts, shimmery sports bras and butt-hugging spandex shorts are just horrible. After the new outfits are debuted, people wont be waiting until halftime to hit the snack bar. And women (who care about fashion, sports or just Beyonce) are going to breakout their Thomas guides and head to Continental Airlines Arena. (pic courtesy of the


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