Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Year of ME

I haven't written in a LONG TIME. I knew I hadn't, but after talking to my Edwin about blogging, I knew I had to get back on the ball. Whats happened since I've been gone? My Cal Bears and my twin's USC Trojans won their respective bowls: The Holiday and Rosebowl. The A's Barry Zito signed a fatty contract with who else to my surprise, but those GIANTS! God! I couldn't believe it. Zito looked so good in gold and green and now I have to watch him in halloween colors. How weird. There are only two good things that come out of this: he doesn't have to move since he'll be just 30-40 minutes away from his old stadium and I can still watch him across the bay. I can't believe "My Boys" is a hit with the mass audiences of America. I guess the whole friendship between P.J. and her guy friends got to them or her ongoing "thing" with her fellow sportswriter. Girls can be stuck on the relationships and drama between people. Which is fine, since they don't care about her career as a female sportswriter, which is the reason I tuned in and out after one episode. Alright, enough for now. Oh! one last thing, Tiger Woods is gonna be a daddy?! Wow. The best entertainment stories on athletes can't be found on ... but Who knew? Only a tabloid fen like me would. hehehe. I'm back!


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